Why I’m running

It has been a great privilege to serve in the state legislature for 14 years. During that time, I have tried to be a voice for the children of Arizona. Working across the aisle, in concert with advocates, families, educators, behavioral health and medical professionals it has been a rewarding and cumulative effort improving the lives of our youngest citizens. Having consistently earned the respect and support of my senate colleagues of both parties as well as the business, healthcare, education, environmental and faith based communities; I look forward to finishing my elective political career working on issues of perennial importance.

Those are: finding sustainable resources for educators and the schools they teach in; repairing and building an infrastructure that attracts new business while facilitating the growth of businesses that have already invested in our state; ensuring quality and accountability of our social service system; reforming our counter-productive sentencing laws and protecting our environment throughout our inevitable growth.

The work of legislature is never completed. If fortunate enough to return for a final term, I will keep my focus on the children of the present day and the millions who will follow.
Thank you for your support these many years.